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We welcome the following friends and more! 

If you don't see your pet named here, please give us a call! 


Dalmatian Dog

Annual Appointment 

An annual medical appointment is important to maintain your pets health. It's the best way to keep an eye on their health and avoid emergency care.

Brushing Dog's Teeth


Tooth decay and gum disease can have serious effects on your pets health.  The pain caused by these lead to issues eating and playing.  Left untreated, abscesses can form and infections can spread. Book an appointment to review your pets dental health today.



Sometimes our pets get sick, and we have many tools to get to the bottom of what's causing the illness.

Through lab work, diagnostic tests, x-rays, ultrasound etc. we can find the root cause and get your pet back to feeling their best. 

Feeding Guinea Pig

Nutrition Consults

Just like us, our pets need specific nutrients to be their happiest healthiest selves. Whether your pet has allergies, needs to lose some weight or you need advice on healthy diets, we are happy to help! 

At the Vet


Our pets need surgery too, and here at Seaway, we do our best to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible. Whether spay/neuter, porcupine quills, stitches, lumps, broken bones etc. we are here to help. 

Dog with Lampshade

Behavior Consults

Like kids, our pets can sometimes embarrass us. We can help you address anxiety, aggression, rough play,  pulling and many more issues, so that others can see how wonderful your pet truly is. 

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